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During his residency, Adam worked with scientists from the Underwater Acoustics & Ocean Measurements, Maritime Operations Division of the DSTO (Defence, Science & Technology Organisation) in Salisbury, South Australia. Adam was working with the scientists to develop a series of acoustic lenses which will focus a highly directional beam of sound.

The aim of the residency was for Adam to develop a prototype, to form to the basis for an installation work. On the completion of his residency, Adam continued to develop the work, which had its premier at the 2002 Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art (conVerge: Where Art and Science Meet) from March 1 - April 28, 2002. Adam's residency was a unique opportunity to forge a relationship with a science organisation, and ANAT wishes to thank the DSTO for their support - in particular Terry Trainor and the scientists based at the Maritime Operation Division.

a d a m   d o n o v a n

Adam Donovan (Qld) at DSTO (Sept - Nov 2001)

Adam's work with new technologies include audio spotlights - Ultrasound sound projectors - and Eyecon - a new tracking system and interactive tool for sound and video.

Along with traditional loud speakers, these new tools for creativity, audio spotlight and Eyecon, will allow Adam to treat an outdoor area of a few hundred metres in which the audience will become the reactive component for creating a sound scape.


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